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Sara Mahdavi is a Scientific and Clinical Advisor to Industry, Government and Health Care Systems 

Dr. Sara Mahdavi is a Research Fellow and International Scholar at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health at Harvard University and a Clinician Scientist and Adjunct Professor in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto. She received her doctorate from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto in the field of gene-environment interactions and cardiometabolic disease. She is also holds a master of science in exercise physiology and a Licensed Nutritionist Dietitian. 


Her clinical research and practice have applications in longevity medicine that include; early insulin sensitivity, kidney disease, rare and prevalent genetic polymorphisms, fertility health, caffeine metabolism, innovative dermatological interventions, and regenerative medicine with an emphasis on utilizing omics tools such as proteomics, metablomics and genetic panels in precision medicine, artificial intelligence in biometrics and large data interpretation of wearable devices.

Dr. Mahdavi has over a decade of experience in clinical dietetics, having practiced at numerous hospitals and private practices. She is a highly sought-after consultant and invited speaker at medical conferences, health systems, and government agencies. Her dedication to clinical education has led her to develop several initiatives and programs to enhance training for physicians and healthcare providers worldwide.


She has published numerous original scientific articles in top peer-reviewed medical journals, many of which have garnered significant international readership and media attention. Her work has been featured in prominent outlets such as Prevention Magazine, GQ Spain, and the Globe and Mail as well as over 50 TV, radio and podcast interviews. Notably, one of her publication in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) Network Open was ranked in the top 1% of all peer-reviewed scientific publications and in the top 5% of over 23 million publications tracked and ranked to date by Altmetric.


Her experience includes serving as a sought-after reviewer and editorial board member for various clinical and scientific journals and grant committees. Furthermore, her cross-professional engagements has led to appointments on prestigious international science advisory boards within the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries. Notably, she has often been the youngest member on these boards, highlighting her exceptional achievements at an early stage in her career.

Dr. Mahdavi's dedication extends to leadership roles within professional organizations. She holds positions on various boards focused on nephrology, dermatology, gerontology, longevity, and family medicine, demonstrating her broad range of expertise and commitment to advancing various medical and scientific fields.

Her passion and expertise lie in uncovering links between genetic and environmental factors that lead to improved health outcomes and enhance motivations for lifestyle modifications by individuals, local and global communities.

Dr. Sara Mahdavi is a visionary leader, translating complex science into practical tools for a healthier future.

Research & Expertise 


Bridging the Gap Between Research and Healthy Aging

Dr. Mahdavi tackles critical challenges in aging through her research and its translation into practical applications. Her work spans areas like optimizing insulin sensitivity, detecting and reversing early kidney dysfunction, and developing interventions to delay aging in skin, muscle, and bone tissues.


Precision Medicine for Personalized Longevity

A strong advocate for precision medicine, Dr. Mahdavi utilizes advanced tools like proteomics, metablomics and genetic panels. This allows her to create personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient's unique needs. Furthermore, she translates research findings into practice using high-quality, evidence-based approaches.


Unlocking the Power of Food for Cellular Rejuvenation

Dr. Mahdavi delves into the concept of regenerative nutrition. She explores how dietary modifications enriched with nutrients, bioactives, and phytochemicals can optimize cellular, tissue, and organ function. This approach, combined with the influence of these compounds on gene expression and epigenetic modifications, holds promise for promoting healthy aging and targeting biomarkers associated with age-related decline.

Lifelong Women's Wellness Optimized by Tailored Nutrition and Lifestyle Plans

Dr. Mahdavi's research in women's health is grounded in precision medicine, focusing on the genetic and lifestyle factors influencing women's health throughout their  lifespan including genetic susceptibility to premenstrual syndrome and infertility, as well as transition periods of perimenopause, menopause and beyond. This comprehensive approach could uncover new approaches to empower women with evidence-based strategies to navigate their unique health needs throughout their wellness journey at any age.

Data-Driven Insights for Individualized Care

A firm believer in data-driven healthcare, Dr. Mahdavi leverages artificial intelligence to extract valuable insights from wearable device data. This allows her to craft personalized intervention strategies. These innovative approaches empower preventative and longevity-focused lifestyle interventions.


By providing a deeper understanding of individual health patterns, Dr. Mahdavi empowers individuals with impactful, tailored solutions to optimize their health and longevity.


Dr Sara's Latest Publication: 

Link between coffee and kidney disease may depend on a common genetic variant

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